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I LOVE reviewing and trying out new products and services. If you have a product or service that would benefit the lives of moms or children, I’d love to hear about it. If you have a product or service that you would like me to do a review or giveaway of, please fill out this form: Product/Service Review and/or Giveaway Request Form. I also LOVE to help local and national businesses thrive. If you are interested in advertising with Caffeine & Fist Bumps, please fill out this form: Advertising with Caffeine & Fist Bumps

Caffeine & Fist Bumps is a blog that focuses on providing a variety of resources to South Jersey families and beyond. Whether it be kid-friendly restaurants, exciting family activities & products, recipes, crafts, travel information, fashion & style for busy families or providing suggestions of local businesses to frequent, all information provided is as honest and accurate as possible. Currently, Caffeine & Fist Bumps focuses on Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties, but also provides resources for surrounding states (Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Connecticut) as well as long distance travel such as guides for vacationing in Florida. As a blogger, mom, and seeker of fun, I am always up for an adventure and will travel as my schedule allows. I am located in Southern New Jersey, just 20 minutes across the bridge from Philadelphia and absolutely love visiting historical locations, fun-filled destinations, delicious restaurants, family-friendly events, warm beaches, and more!

Product or Service ONLY Review

As long as the product or service aligns with the focus of the blog, it’s more than likely I’ll be happy to review! For a product or service review only, I do require the product or service to have a retail value of $50 or more. Once the product or service is received, I will provide a timely, honest review on my blog, complete with clear photos, and will also share the information on my social media accounts such as my Facebook Page, Instagram Feed, and/or Pinterest Feed as requested. Within the blog post, I will include specific links that are provided and related to the product or service.

Giveaway ONLY

Again, as long as the giveaway aligns with the focus of the blog, there is a good chance I can accept your request. I put a lot of time and energy into promoting giveaways on my blog and social media accounts to do my best to ensure they are successful and that the participating brand/company is represented well. I currently use Rafflecopter to run my blog giveaways and can include a variety of entry options for potential winners. I also offer opportunities for giveaways to be held through social media outlets ONLY as well (no blog article). Options are flexible and multiples packages are available to best suit the needs of the brand or company. Once the giveaway has ended and a winner has been chosen, it is the responsibility of the brand/company to follow through and then provide the prize (including shipping) to the winner. For more information on options and pricing to host a giveaway only, feel free to email me.

Product/Service Review AND Giveaway

If your brand or company would like to participate in both a product/service review AND a giveaway, the giveaway will be completed free of charge as long as a product or service with a retail value of $50 or more has been provided. The requirements and information provided in the sections above are the same for doing a product/service review AND giveaway.

Advertising with our Local Business Directory

If you represent or own a brand or company and live in the South Jersey area, we would love to have you join our Local Business Directory! As a courtesy, we do offer company exclusivity. If you, for instance, represent a national Direct Sales company and would like to be listed, we will only allow ONE representative from that company to advertise with us. Listings in the Local Business Directory can include the following: a clear graphic to represent your business, no-follow hyper-linked contact information, a brief description of the company, and one offer for the Caffeine & Fist Bumps readers (for example, a certain discount or free shipping offer).

Renting Advertising Space on the Blog

Currently, advertising space is available on the right sidebar and footer of the blog. Both come with the ability to include one direct no-follow link to the site of your choice (for example: website link, Facebook group, Facebook page, Instagram feed). These graphics will be static and visible no matter what article or resource our readers are utilizing. As with the Local Business Directory, we do offer company exclusivity with the advertising space. Therefore, we will only allow for one representative per company to advertise on the blog at a time.

Sponsoring a Shout Out on Social Media

Currently, Caffeine & Fist Bumps has a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest with plans to increase our audience through a variety of events, activities, and communities. Shout Outs can either be premade by the sponsoring business or we could make the graphics and wording for the business. Shout Outs do include graphics, wording, and a post on the social media outlet(s) of your choice. Please email me for more information and pricing.

App or Program Review

I currently have access to Samsung android phones, an iPad Pro, Samsung tablet, a PC desktop, and a laptop with ability to download from the Apple Store and Google Play. Apps/programs related to education, music, gaming, travel, graphics or social media, recipes, crafting, time management, and organization are a few of the categories that are of interest. If you have an App or Program that you would like to have reviewed in an honest manner, complete with photos/screenshots, please email me for more information and pricing.

Other Types of Advertisement

Have something else in mind? We’re open to new ideas and can work with you to create an advertisement that will benefit your business! Please email me and we can get the ball rolling!

Caffeine & Fist Bumps offers customized advertising packages to meet all of your needs. If you are interested in utilizing more than one way of advertising your business, we can create a custom package.