Oh Em Gee! Yous guys commin over for da Iggles game dis Sundy? I’ll have cheesesteaks wit whiz, a hoagie platter, and some of dem soft pretzels for yous to munch on. 

Hi! I’m Elizabeth!

Soooo…in case you couldn’t tell, I’m a mom from New Jersey (and, no, we don’t say it like “joisey,” but I definitely do pronounce “water” as “wooder”). Minus a 5 year stint in Central Florida, I’ve lived here my entire life and really do love this state. My boys, ages 4 & &, will proudly tell people they’re “Jersey Boys” and, when asked to lower their (excited, but crazy loud) voices, will say “but we’re from Jersey and Jersey people talk loud!” Not exactly a false statement there, so I can’t blame them! 11 years ago, I married a guy from Philly and introduced him to the wonderfulness that is pork roll. Since then, we buy it in 6 pound packages from BJs; I don’t know exactly what pork roll is made from nor do I care to know for fear of ruining one of the most delicious things in my life.

This photo is a few years old, but is one of my favorites! Taken in Ocean City, NJ with the Music Pier in the background. OCNJ is one of our favorite summer vacation spots!


I love/require strong coffee daily and conversation with good friends, hence the name “Caffeine & Fist Bumps.” Good food is a must in my life and, currently, that food is categorized as “Keto.” I’ve lost 30 pounds in the last few months and would love to lose another 25 pounds or more. (I share photos of my progress on Instagram, so come follow me and check it out/cheer me on!). I’m a lifelong fan of shopping and I don’t see this hobby ending anytime soon. Target seems to have some magical way of making a bunch of things appear in my shopping cart while simultaneously erasing my memory of the things I actually went there to get.

Told you I liked Target! This was taken on my birthday in 2017.


Before I had my boys, I was a special education teacher in both New Jersey and Florida and specialized in severe/profound special needs and the autism population. I absolutely loved my “my kids” and will always have a special place in my heart for the special needs population. I actually have a severe hearing loss myself, so, I am all for anything we can do to empower and advocate for those with special needs.

We LOVE to travel and took the boys to Disney World for the first time this year. They loved it! EPCOT has always been, and will ALWAYS be my favorite Disney park.

Why the heck did I decide to create a blog? Why not? Honestly, after spending about 10 years doing various direct sales and online businesses, I just figured the time was right. I had always wanted to start a blog, but was busy doing other things. After growing up in Cherry Hill, NJ, and now raising my own kids here, I feel like I have a pretty good lay of the land and idea of great places to take kids and such. Being a mom is tough enough already, so any kind of resource that can be available for moms is a positive thing, right?

I hope you decide to stick around for a while! I’ve got a crazy sense of self-deprecating humor and tend to be more of a “glass half full” kind of girl, so you definitely won’t be bored with me!


In addition to this blog, I’ve got a few other tricks up my sleeve:

Instagram – where I share daily photos of my family, my life, what we’re doing, and products & places we love

Pinterest – where I save ideas for my dream house, an enormous amount of craft projects, and recipes that sound and look amazing

Facebook Page – come on over! I love to share local events, funny memes…that sorta stuff

Java Momma – a side hustle and provider of some of the most delicious coffee in all the land

The Faithful Merchant – another side hustle and provider of some of the most meaningful and gorgeous handmade jewelry/clothes/home decor I’ve found.