5 Pieces of Harry Potter Clothing and Accessories that I Need in my Life

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Warning: if you haven’t seen/read the Harry Potter series yet (just do it already), there is a spoiler in this post!

First, I need to admit that I am a new Potter-head. When JK Rowling first released the Harry Potter Series about 20 years ago (geeze, that makes me feel old!), I tried to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I promise, I really tried, but I just couldn’t get into it. I mean…”Snape”? “Dumbledore”? “Hagrid”? They were such strange names to me then and I just couldn’t keep them straight. Wizards and spells? Owls? Wands? Huh?! It just wasn’t happening for me at that time. BUT…fast way forward to Thanksgiving of 2017 and, after hearing about a friend’s love for the series, I figured I should give it another shot. I bought all eight of the dvds at Walmart during Black Friday. Got them for a deal and I was so proud of myself. Then, I came home to show my husband the deals I had scored during the madness that is Black Friday (anyone else do this? “Honey – guess how much I paid for this? $30? Oh, heck no!! I only paid $7!!”). I pulled out each video, one by one, expecting him to be all “yeah! let’s do this,” but, instead, he was all “um, I already have them.” We’d been married 10 years…why had this never come up before?! What else had he been hiding from me?! (I am totally being sarcastic, in case you missed it) Anyways, my husband and I, along with our two boys (ages 3 & 6 at the time) watched the ENTIRE Harry Potter collection over Thanksgiving break and we loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND! I was cheering along for the characters, I cried when Dobby died (if you didn’t cry, too, what the heck is wrong with you?!), I held my breath during the battles. It. Was. Amazing. My life was forever changed. I couldn’t stop thinking abut Harry, Hermoine, and Ron….Dumbledore, Moaning Myrtle…Snape…that darn Voldemort.

Since Harry Potter is now a part of my life, I feel the need to let the world know (not that the world really cares, but just let me have my moment). Here are 5 Harry Potter pieces that I would love to have in my life:


  1. Alex and Ani “Dobby is Free” Charm Bangle

    I literally just found out about this charm bracelet this afternoon and I NEED it so bad. Sweet, sweet Dobby. I just want to ‘nuggle with that little dude. I love my Alex and Ani bracelets and wear at least three pretty much every day. HOWEVER, this would (rather, “will,” because it WILL be mine) be my first gold-tone bracelet, so I’m going to need to buy more than one. That makes sense, right?

  2. Solemnly Swear Graphic T-ShirtDoesn’t it look like the comfiest top ever? I would totally wear it with a pair of black leggings. The back is super cute, too – I totally appreciate when clothing has a little extra something something on the back. Click the link and you’ll be able to see it!

3. Origami Owl’s Harry Potter Collection

I’ve been a fan of Origami Owl for a while now. I have one blinged-out “Living Locket” with a few charms inside (4 little crystals in each of our birthstones, a “mom” charm, an “I love you” sign language charm to represent being a special education teacher and having hearing loss, a red phone booth to represent my love for The Beatles, a sand dollar to represent my love of Ocean City, NJ, and an “E” for my first name), but I don’t really swap them out like they’re mean to be. I totally blame it on being a crazy busy mom. However, I totally WOULD swap out my charms for these sweet Harry Potter charms. BONUS, if you’re looking for an amazing Origami Owl Designer, my girl Shaindel is amazing – you’ll love her!! She has created a unique community of women in her Facebook Group. If you feel compelled, join the group and let her know I sent you over (I’m in there, too!)

4. Platform 9 3/4 Hoodie


Hoodies are pretty much an essential for Fall and Winter in NJ, so it’s only fitting that this hoodie gets a spot in my closet, right? They have this specific style in 2 colors for adults and even make a matching kid’s hoodie (mother/son sets?!?). I love that it has a Harry Potter reference that only true fans will understand AND especially love that it comes directly from London.

5. Harry Potter Socks

Socks! Glorious socks! Does your washing machine or dryer eat socks, too? Mine seem to have an insatiable appetite, so it just makes sense to buy all.the.socks, right? Hot Topic has a bunch of different options for Harry Potter-themed socks, but these 4 sets are my favorites.

Whatcha think? I think I’m due for a Harry Potter Movie Marathon day again. Do you have a shop that sells Harry Potter themed goods? Leave us a link in the comments! 

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